Analysis on demand !


We can offer you wide range of analytical methods for nearly any organic materials in the sense of quantitative qualitative analysis with the following anaylsis methods :




We have highly experienced team on this field as well as flexibile staff with many benefits.

We can guarantee that we will meet any customers request on analytical field with clear specters of each peak to meet full customer satisfaction for identification of any of your organic materials in matter of quantitative qualitative analysis. 


Before we start we will need the following  :


1. Roughly information nature of your sample.


2. You will have to provide us minium amount of compound sample up to ( 1 mg ) in clean inert HPLC vial which will be firmly wrapped with Parafilm and shipped to our address.


Afterwards it may take up to 1-5days to provide you full specter identification of your compound which will be send to your e-mail.




Please contact us at for more information.



Isomerlab d.o.o.

 Naslov: Tržaška cesta 297 A , SI-1000 Ljubljana , Slovenia

 Phone: +386 40 764 332


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