We are glad to also offer you the destruction and removal of all kinds of hazardous chemicals, such as out-of-date chemicals etc.


Our own vehicles with ADR equipment ensure that your redundant dangerous chemicals, packaging, glassware, final products, semi-products, intermediate and side products etc. are removed and destroyed. We cooperate with various institutions such as schools, universities and companies.




Class 1: explosive substances and objects used for suppression of explosions and pyrotechnics.

Class 2: Gasses or liquids under pressure

Class 3: flammable liquids

Class 4: Flammable solids

Class 5: oxidising substances

Class 6: Toxic and infectious substances

Class 7: Radioactive substances

Class 8: corrosive substances

Class 9: Mixed hazardous substances


For more information on the offer and collection of the goods please contact us at dispose@isomerlab.com.

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